Student Sponsorship

A child’s life is changed forever.

Students in our sponsorship program have been orphaned by AIDS or live in socially vulnerable situations. We need your sponsorship help. Currently there are more children than sponsors.

$50 a month is enough to support one child in school and it covers tuition, uniforms, books, and other necessities for a child to attend school. In addition, sponsored students benefit from the knowledge that someone cares about their future and is helping with their success.

Please consider sponsoring one of these children.

If you have any questions about the children or sponsoring a child, please contact Keith Weber at


Students in Need



Dominic MremaDominic, 5 year old boy

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Dominic has two older brothers. Their father is a plumber who is supporting six people in his home. His mother works at home. Even though his father is a plumber, the income he receives is still not sufficient enough for Dominic’s schooling..  Dominic rides a bus 45 kilometers to school.





Peter MagangaPeter, 9 year old boy

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Peter’s mother died last year from HIV/AIDS and his father also has the disease.  He lives with his father and his three year old sister. His favorite subjects are Math, Science, English, and Kiswahili.




Aaron AntonyAaron, 9 year old boy

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Antony, brother of Brenda, also lives with his elderly grandparents.  His favorite subjects are Math, English, and Kiswahili.


SamwelSamwel, 10 year old boy

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Samwel’s father is a pastor in the local area and is a part of a large family. His favorite subjects are English and Math.



Brian MushiBrian, 10 year old boy

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Brian comes from a very poor family (father does watch repair) and travels 48 kilometers on a bus to school.

MichaelMichael, 10 year old boy

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Michael is being raised, along with two sisters, solely by his mother, who is a nurse.  No support from the father is forthcoming.



Noel Richard SryaNoel, 8 year old boy

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Noel’s father died when he was only one year old. His mother is working to support a family of four.


Bahati Lazaro LaizerBahati, 9 year old boy

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Bahati’s father has severe diabetes and is blind. His mother lost her job due to being away from it for long periods of time as she cared for her husband. Neither one of Bahati’s parents are currently working.


IMG-20151112-WA0017[1]David, 4 year old boy

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David’s father had a minor stroke and his mother works at home. Their family now have a small business, but they still find it difficult to pay for school expenses.

Godson NestoGodson, 4 year old boy

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Godson is an only child. His father works in a small shop and his mother is a cook in a restaurant.

Ismail FredyIsmail, 8 year old boy

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Ismail has one older brother. Their mother has cancer and can no longer work. Ismail’s father still works, but they are still facing financial hardships.

Noreen JohnNoreen, 6 year old girl

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Noreen was born to a very young mother, but Noreen now lives with and is being raised by her grandparents. Her grandfather is blind and her grandmother is a tailor. Noreen was scalded with hot water when she was 1 1/2 years old. In 2013, she had plastic surgery performed by volunteer doctors from Germany.

zainabu hamisZainabu, 6 year old girl

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Zainabu has four older bothers and sisters and one younger brother. Their family lives in very poor conditions as they are struggling financially.

Lightness, 12 year old girl

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Lightness demographics and family history coming soon.

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