Give to the Max on November 13!

Give to the Max Day is Thursday, November 13. Friends of Africa Education needs your support! Your support is crucial to the success of these students.

The issue is large. Our impact is larger.

Globally, 57 million school-going age children are not in school. Increasing children’s access to education has been proven to have a far-reaching and lasting impact on much greater societal challenges.

Helping the community flourish

Educating the children of Uluthe/Mungoa will not only provide a pathway out of poverty for each child, but will also create future leaders who can help the community and country flourish.

They need your support

A gift to Friends of Africa Education is completely tax-deductible and will have an immediate, positive impact on the lives of these students.

A child's life is changed forever

$50 a month covers tuition, uniforms, books, and other necessities for a child to attend school. Sponsored students also benefit from the knowledge that someone cares about their future and is helping with their success. Please consider sponsoring one of these children.

Together we can!

For most children in sub-Saharan Africa, education remains a distant dream. School buildings, classroom materials, and skilled teachers are in short supply. Despite enormous challenges, Friends of Africa Education is making a difference - especially in two distinct communities.

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